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Registration Information

We will be starting the registration process

January 15th, 2024!

Entry Fees:   $300 per competitor 

This includes:

  • Match entry fee

  • Opening Ceremony Dinner (Welcoming Event and Banquet)

  • Closing Ceremony Dinner (Awards Ceremony)

  • Official Shirt

  • SWAG bag 

Team Entry Per Country:       $100 for each team: 8 PCP,  6 Spring

Additional Banquet Seats:    $55 for each ceremony 

We have chosen to offer one price point for an all-inclusive event.   In this manner, we are not piecing together individual parts and complicating your entry process.  We are honored to have you as guests, and this process allows us to do our best to meet your expectations for a world-class event and entertainment.


Here is how it works:  This is a limited-entry match.  It will be limited to 300 competitors.  Every WFTF country is allocated an equal fraction of the available slots.  The Host country is awarded double the international allocation.  

Based on preliminary surveys, we anticipate that not every country will register its full allocation.  Therefore, enough slots should be available to allow all the international  WFTF Member Countries to submit their full entry requests.   

International registration will only be conducted through your country's RGB.  (You can see who that is on the WFTF site).   The RGB (Representative Governing Body) determines who qualifies for their country's allocated positions.  All WFTF countries will be able to register their full team (14), PLUS any additional shooters interested in attending from that country at the same time. 


For the USA:  The USA has already determined its 14-member team by the ranking system on the AAFTA website. The official list of names for Team USA will be posted on the AAFTA website.  Greg Sauve (the USA RGB) will be contacting you directly if you qualify.  

January 15th       International  Registration Opens.   

February 15th     International Registration Closes.

March 1st      International Payments are Due via bank transfer.

  • Your RGB will have access to the registration portal on this site.  

  • RGBs will receive an invoice soon after entry forms are submitted. 

  • Only RGBs may register their country's shooters.



February 1st       USA Registration Opens. Members of Team USA's positions are reserved, however Team members are still required to fill out the registration form. 

March 1st      USA Registration Closes.  

Extended Until Full

  • Payment is due upon registration via PayPal for all USA Shooters. 




Opening February 1st 

Registration Extended!!

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