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Important Dates

All content subject to change. Times will announced as we get closer to the event dates. 

January 15, 2024

International Registration Opens

International Registration Closes February 15th

Entry Fees  Due March 1st

February 1,  2024

USA Registration Opens

USA Registration Closes March 1st

Entry Fees Due Upon Registration

April 30, 2024

Hotel Reservation Release Date

The Official Hotel unlocks the rooms that we are holding that are not reserved. Be sure to make your hotel reservation before this deadline. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2024

Possible Early Check-in

Possible Additional Sight-in Day -  Limited, on Small Bore

Possible Early Equipment Check

Wednesday, November 13


Sight-in Day

Equipment Check

Opening Ceremony, Evening

Thursday, November 14

Match Day 1

Friday, November 15

Match Day 2

Saturday, November 16

Match Day 3

Sunday, November 17

Contingency Day 

Closing Ceremony and Awards Banquet

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