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Sight-In Information

The sight-in range will be on the Small Bore Range and the High Power Range. 

There will be practice targets measured in both meters and imperial distances.

On one side of the course, range indicators will be in meters, and on the other, they will be in imperial distances.  

Targets will have KZs, which are the minimum sizes at the indicated distances.

The KZs will be 15mm, 25mm, or 40mm on all targets, on both sides. 

The imperial side will also have a 9m (9yd 30") target

Common Differences:

9m = 9.84 yds,         9 yd 30 in

20m = 21.8 yds,      21 yd 28.8 in

35m = 38.27 yds,   38 yd 9.7 in

40m = 43.74 yds,   43 yd 26.6 in

50m = 54.68 yds,   54 yd 24.5 in

There will be practice metal field targets and spinners. 

Air and a chronograph will be available

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